DigiTwins: Business Benefits of IoT

  • Recommendations to develop and achieve value with a Digital Twin strategy

  • How a Twin to Twin network will create a valuable ecosystem

  • Results of the primary research on Digital Twin in cross industrial cases as a whole


Today’s era of change in companies is faster than any seen in history. Getting transformation right in today's competitive world is critical, and one key factor is the ability to manage and use data to achieve enterprise Strategic Objectives. A Digital Twin is often at the very heart of the metamorphosis. In this workshop research examines Digital Twin technology, and how it will impact the industrial organization's and product's performance.


IoT Security

  • Understand the security threat landscape and how to take preventive measures

  • Learn about the security development lifecycle (SDL) of IoT products

  • Learn from real-life examples and case studies in IoT security 

The central role IoT plays in the technology world and the growth of the IoT devices is an undeniable fact. IoT security is definitely a key concern for all industries of IoT stakeholders, spanning developers, service providers, customers and end-users. 




IoT Strategies in action 

  • Five key IoT strategies to add to your 2021 IoT roadmap

  • How will you scale provisioning?

  • How do you confirm sensor security?

  • What happens when your application or sensors are gone?


Sensor innovation, edge computing and IoT platform development are reducing the barriers to developing IoT applications. If you’re building an IoT application, you don’t need to do everything on your own. Rather, you can streamline your IoT application development by leveraging building blocks, platforms and strategic partners focused on the space. Don’t miss an opportunity to employ the lean principle of “maximizing the amount of work not done.” Considering the five key strategies above while building your IoT application will guide you to focus on your customer’s need.


AI Competencies 

  • Create an open AI culture

  • How AI integration helps maximize your business ROI

  • How your business can reap profits through AI integration


Moving from data-driven to AI-driven digital environments is the next evolutionary phase in business. By embracing AI into workflows in strategic ways, business leaders will transform how data adds value to the business. This will introduce new ways for humans to contribute as well. 


5G & Connectivity

  • Tele Operator Perspectives: Lessons from Early 5G Deployments

  • Regulatory Perspectives: Regulation for 5G Investment and Innovation

  • 5G: The Next Steps Forward

5G wireless service will constitute an integral part of the future gigabit communication network. It will enable a wide range of innovations that are critical for mature digital societies. Advanced wireless services based on 5G will be more complex technologically than previous services and will require substantial new investment. More importantly, they will constitute a new system of value generation. Unleashing this innovative potential will have far-reaching consequences. At the same time, because 5G will also require major investments by mobile operators, incentives for investment and innovation are important.



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