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Deep Dive -sessions are 30 minutes in-depth discussions or presentations. Deep Dives are held in separate virtual rooms in the Event Platform. Seats are limited for each session and registration can be done on the Event Platform.


Security considerations when migrating to Cloud

09:45-10:15 CET  |  10:45-11:15 EEST

Pasi Kolehmainen_Siili.png

Pasi Kolehmainen
Azure Partner Lead

Siili Solutions

Timo Hulkko_Siili.png

Timo Hulkko

GCP Tech Lead

Siili Solutions

In this Deep Dive session Siili’s Pasi and Timo present where to focus when migrating environments to cloud and how to avoid security missteps.

Services in Public clouds offer new and easy to deploy solutions for companies. Have you regarded or even prepared how these new solutions might affect requirements in security? In the following presentation, we will go through a few real life cases and tips on how to avoid security pitfalls with cloud adoption journey. Join us and collect these crucial tips!

Secure Industrial IoT Platform from Machine to Cloud

11:00-11:30 CET  |  12:00-12:30 EEST

Sami Suokas

Senior Sales Manager

Insta Group

Tomi Kangasniemi

Senior Sales Manager

Insta Group


•    Building a solid foundation for a data platform starts from the automation system

•    Lossless data gathering (time series databases)

•    Real-time analytics

•    Digital Twin

•    Secure data transfer and handling

•    Situational awareness

Automate and digitalize your key development processes - Use cases from Valmet, Alpiq, Fortum, Walki and DVV

12:15-12:45 CET  |  13:15-13:45 EEST

Veijo Hytti.jpg

Veijo Hytti


Keto Software

Tea Repo.jpg

Tea Repo

Business Development Director

Keto Software

Join us for a 30-minutes deep dive and learn how our customers have benefited from Keto Platform by digitalizing and automating their processes.

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