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X-Reality is a growing part of business

Nora Nirhamo

X-Reality technologies belong to the top ten most important technology trends during the next five years. Softability´s Mikko Luukkonen presented in the “Technological breakthrough and possibilities for schools and companies” event why companies should invest X-Reality technologies already now.

Softability participated in the “Technological breakthrough and possibilities for schools and companies” event at Kerava Keuda house on 11th of April. Softability’s Mikko Luukkonen presented in the event why companies should already take X-Reality (XR) technologies seriously as part of everyday business.

Immersive technologies, in other words XR technologies, consist of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR). XR is not yet part of the consumers´ everyday life, but in corporate environment, especially in manufacturing, these technologies are already partly deployed in production and investments are starting to pay themselves back. For example aviation industry manufacturers Boeing and Airbus have achieved excellent results in manufacturing use cases e.g. with Microsoft HoloLens – assembly time decreased 25 % and errors decreased up to 60 to 70% in complex installation work (Davies & Dumon 2018). Porsche North American retailers also tested smart glasses in car service with remote support achieving up to 40 % time savings in challenging and rare maintenance tasks (Atheer 2018).

“Five reasons why to invest in X-Reality technologies – now”

In Luukkonen´s presentation, he refers to Gartner´s report that X-Reality technologies belong to the top ten most important technology trends during the next five years. According to Gartner, by year 2022 70 % of companies have tried, studied and piloted X-Reality technologies for industry and consumer use, and 25 % of companies have already taken XR technologies into production use (Gartner 2018). According to Harvard Business Review report in early 2018 already 15 % of companies had taken X-Reality solutions into use, for example in manufacturing and maintenance, sales and marketing and training (Montgomerie 2018).

Luukkonen lists five reasons why companies and education providers should already take X-Reality technologies as part of their business, or risk competitors gaining an advantage:

1.Within the next decade X-Reality market is predicted to grow up to 200 billion dollars (in three years already 100 billion dollars).

2.The amount of XR users is about to reach one billion. Mobile devices today, and especially in the future, enable using X-Reality in everyday life. Over 30 % of mobile users have tried X-Reality apps (e.g. Ikea and Pokemon Go) and 3/4 of this group are using X-Reality apps on their devices on a monthly basis.

3.Over 70 % of Fortune 1000 companies see meaningful ROI in X-Reality.

4.Tech giants (e.g. Google and Apple) see XR as the next growth engine for mobile device sales and are investing heavily in these technologies.

5.During 10/2017-10/2018 investors poured over 7,2 billion dollars into X-Reality companies (e.g. Magic Leap and Varjo) and investments are predicted to continue their growth. (Inbar 2018)

Softability delivers the most creative X-Reality ideas

Softability is one of the leading providers of X-Reality solutions in Finland. Our XR Studio business unit develops Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for mobile devices and wearable devices like Microsoft HoloLens, smart glasses and VR headsets. We also offer VIESTI 2.0 platform that enables modern video-assisted remote support on a global scale.

We use the latest AR / VR / MR technology to build interactive and smart solutions that solve customers’ business needs. Our goal is to enhance customers’ businesses, create unique customer experiences and fulfill the most creative X-Reality ideas.

Contact us and let’s talk about your company’s X-Reality needs!

For more information:

Mikko Luukkonen, Solution Sales, mikko.luukkonen(at)

Watch “Technological breakthrough and possibilities for schools and companies” event presentations (in Finnish):


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